Shan ceasefire group mum on meeting results Shan ceasefire group mum on meeting results The Shan State Army (SSA) North ended its two-week meet 吳哥窟ing at its Hsengkeow main base, Hsipaw township, on 26 January but has so far been 酒店打工tight-lipped about its resolutions, according to insider sources from Shan State North. 5 Februar 房屋出租y 2009 Among those re-elected were: Maj-Gen Loimao Chairman Maj-Gen Gaifa 找房子 Vice Chairman and General Secretary Col Sai Du, former Joint Secretary, who became well known following his arrest 室內設計 together with “drug kingpin” Law Hsing Han is 1973, dropped out but remained an executive member. Maj Sai Awn was chosen to replace him. The 酒肉朋友21-men Central Executive Committee was increased to 27 to give more voice to the younger officers, said one source. “It was to avoid the inevitable inquiry from the 婚禮顧問 public and the media about their stand on the issue: whether or not the SSA North is going to surrender that our leaders must have kept quiet about the meeting,” commented an offi 網路行銷cer. “However, to my knowledge, the surrender option has been rejected by the majority.”  Ceasefire groups have been under pressure by the junta to lay down their arms, set up parties 裝潢 and contest the 2010 elections. “Some of them have already been promised a cabinet portfolio,” said an informed source from Rangoon. 有巢氏房屋sults  .
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